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Established in 2014 in Switzerland, METACO has rapidly become an expert in helping banks and financial institutions, including national banks, capitalise on the latest blockchain technologies and systems Founded in 2013, Bitcoin Suisse AG (BTCS) has been a pioneer in providing crypto-financial services. It has helped to shape the crypto- and blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland and has been a driving force in the development of the 'Crypto Valley' and 'Crypto Nation Switzerland'. Bity Top 6 Blockchain and Crypto Companies in Switzerland Lykke. Launched in September 2015, Switzerland-based Lykke is building a global marketplace for multiple assets and... Ethereum. Ethereum is a platform developed by Switzerland-based non-profit organization the Ethereum Foundation. Xapo. Xapo is a. Authena is a Swiss company whose goal is to create a future free from counterfeiting and fraud. With its blockchain & IoT (Internet of Things) platform, Authena wants to revolutionise how brands of high value goods protect their products and reputation against counterfeiting and reach unprecedented level of end users engagement

Nym Technologies, a Swiss blockchain startup, has invited users to install mix-nodes and test the company's privacy-preserving mixnet. Priyeshu Garg · 1 year ago · 2 min read Davos opens new doors for Cardano (ADA), several partnerships in the work Western Switzerland's innovation infrastructure supports the development of blockchain ventures from the very early stages. Bordier Finlab, Fongit, Fusion's Blockchain Lab, InnoPeaks, and Y-Start offer seeding, incubation and acceleration programs to foster the growth of blockchain products and start-ups

For Swiss Blockchain companies SEBA will provide accounts and custody for fiat and digital assets. SEBA's team aims to redefine finance and set new standards for security, transparency and performance. It consists of experts in the area of technology, information security, blockchain and finance. Who are the People at SEBA Bank The city raised hundreds of millions of dollars to get the ball rolling, and indeed many startups did move there. However, in April of 2020, Swiss Blockchain Federation found that 80% of the 203 firms surveyed said bankruptcy was imminent and that only half of the 50 biggest companies in Crypto Valley would last another year Ankr is the first company to leverage both blockchain and hardware for cloud and data security purposes. The company has a plan to develop Proof of Useful Work (PoUW), a self-sustaining blockchain framework that unlocks the potential of idle computers

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Swisscom Blockchain offers Swiss companies and the public sector reliable blockchain solutions and a highly secure infrastructure for blockchain applications. We facilitate the establishment of blockchain-based business models. Alongside our partners from business, research and politics, we intend to harness the full potential of blockchain. 10 Swiss Blockchain startups to watch. The explosive growth in the Cryptocurrency market within the recent month again sparked the interest of many in this fairly new asset class. Thereby, we often forget that the underlying blockchain technology can disrupt many industries besides future currencies and digital assets What is Crypto Valley? Crypto Valley is a Swiss nationwide ecosystem with active connections to international centers of blockchain innovation in London, Singapore, Silicon Valley and New York We are involved in several Blockchain technology projects dealing with tracking and notarisation systems, fintech technologies, consulting and training. Since 2017 SwissCrowd is our response to the needs of the market to find specific skills for the structuring of Security Token Offering (STO) and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaigns

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  1. Other founding members are Bitcoin.com, Copernicus Holdings, Eligma, Euronovate, Eventboost, Pangea Blockchain Fund, Poseidon Group, the Quadrans Foundation, StrongBlock.io, Superflat and the Swiss Blockchain Consortium. Blockchain is today a much-discussed technology
  2. Blockchains offer you the potential to make digital processes even more secure, simple and verifiable. Swiss Post wants to open up this benefit to you with its new service. You can transform the way your industry works using our blockchain infrastructure and blockchain solutions
  3. Switzerland is already one of the world's leading hubs in the area of blockchain and DLT (see text box below for definitions), with nearly 850 companies active in blockchain and crypto assets, according to the Swiss Blockchain Federation

Switzerland's 'Crypto Valley' Is Bringing Blockchain to Zurich. Switzerland's Crypto Valley is centered on Zug, a tiny, semi-infamous tax haven hamlet known for harboring embargo. In December 2018, the Swiss Federal Council published a comprehensive report covering the legal framework for DLT and blockchain in Switzerland. 1 The report generally concluded that Switzerland's current legal framework, in principle, already provides for adequate regulations, covering the questions arising in connection with the development of new technologies, such as DLT All Assets world wide Free Signals. World Signals for member Crypto Valley, which lies between Zurich and Zug in Switzerland, is now home to numerous companies and organizations in the blockchain sector. It stands to reason that startups choose to come to Switzerland mainly because of legal certainty, top-notch infrastructure, and of course, the Valley's FinTech ecosystem that seems to be going from strength to strength

-According to CV Maps database, Blockchain companies employ around 3000 people in Switzerland. The Top 50 alone counts 443 employees. Most companies employ many more people abroad Thanks to blockchain technology, these assets can be securely and irrevocably transferred with immutable and unfalsifiable proof of ownership. The Swiss entity is an affiliate of the CoreLedger AG based in Liechtenstein where the company was founded in 2017. Nexo is a leading crypto lending provider registered in Zug

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A blockchain-inspired trading infrastructure, which links banks, companies and investors to cryptocurrencies and a new breed of digital securities, is nearing fruition in Switzerland This content was published on Nov 19, 2019 Nov 19, 2019 A Swiss-German consortium has successful traded company shares on a blockchain-style digital platform using a Swiss franc-backed stablecoin. Building the digital future of Real Estate investing. Swiss Realty is here to revolutionize the way people invest in Real Estate accross the world. By using the power of blockchain technology, we are able to open the institutional real estate market to a broader audience than ever before. Get news from us. We will send you regular newsletter to. Some 900 blockchain companies, employing around 4,700 staff, have sprung up in Crypto Nation Switzerland in the last few years. These include crypto banks, asset managers, real estate. Liechtenstein and Switzerland both have location advantages for blockchain businesses. Which country to choose depends on the unique circumstances of each company. On March 01 st, 2007, 170 Swiss Army Troops crossed the border into Liechtenstein.Most newspapers didn't even bother to report on the temporary invasion

Swiss global blockchain company phpTrader is targeting the Korean market. In terms of relevance and popularity on both the worldwide scale and Swiss economy, blockchain is increasing its traction. The Swiss Finance Minister, Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer, has set-up a working group under the leadership of the Swiss Banking Association (SBA) to develop recommendations on how banks should deal with blockchain companies. Heinz Tännler, the Financial Director of Zug,. September 14, 2020. Business. The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association was created to encourage more academic studies and research into blockchain technology in Switzerland. A new group has been formed in Switzerland that is seeking to promote research and support for blockchain companies The Swiss government is encouraging blockchain startups to set up shop with new laws that lower legal barriers to such businesses while leaving favorable tax laws untouched. The National Council.

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A new group seeking to promote research and support blockchain firms has been formed. The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association was launched with the participation of the University of Southern Switzerland, also known as the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) It's an early domino, but it's dropped nonetheless. On August 26th, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) — Switzerland's top financial regulator — revealed it had granted banking and securities licenses to two domestic blockchain companies, the Zug-based SEBA Crypto AG and the Zurich-based Sygnum AG The Greater Zurich Area, specifically its world-famous Crypto Valley, has developed into a world center for the blockchain industry. Greater Zurich provides a business-friendly, pragmatic regulatory environment and a deep-rooted sense of privacy protection, along with a high concentration of peer companies, service providers and world-renowned research institutions, all working together in.

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Swiss blockchain group formed to encourage new blockchain companies A new group seeking to promote research and support blockchain firms has been formed.The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association was launched with the participation of the University of Southern Switzerland, also known as the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of. The company originates from Argentina, and it's well known internationally in the blockchain business. CoinFabrik relies on an interdisciplinary approach, offering services, and solutions in blockchain technology.Its core activities include smart contract audits, decentralized solution development, as well as consulting and training services

Zug, Switzerland, a.k.a. Crypto Valley is home to the Ethereum Foundation and many other blockchain companies thanks to progressive FinTech and company registration laws. Zug, a wealthy municipality in Switzerland, is serving as the hub for crypto development in the country This content was published on Oct 10, 2018 Oct 10, 2018 The Swiss blockchain sector continues to boom: over 600 companies and institutions are now located in the 'Crypto Nation' and Liechtenstein Over 900 blockchain companies have set up shop in Switzerland in recent years, due to its legal, regulatory, and tax advantages. The non-profit foundations which govern leading blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Cardano, and Tezos are based in Switzerland, alongside crypto banks Seba and Sygnum, dozens of asset managers, and a huge variety of startup projects, such Facebook's crypto. The most anticipating reports are revealed at the forum regarding the top 50 quarterly performing blockchain firms in Crypto Valley at Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Moreover, this report will present before you the details of the promising companies within the crypto valley area for the first half of the year, by an investment firm CV VC together with PwC Strategy and inacta And along with it, Swiss companies will now be able to publicly store their ordinary class-A shares on the blockchain, giving them the ability to launch IPOs (initial public offerings) and control their secondary market transactions, all without the involvement of any third-party intermediaries, such as a bank or any other type of public institution

Legal & Regulation; Swiss Blockchain Company, Lykke Willingly Hands Over CySEC License. Nirmala Velupillai; November 26, 201 Switzerland opens the regulation door for blockchain. 'Legal implementation now needs to follow on quickly from this report. Switzerland needs this certainty as the basis for further development.'. In recent years Switzerland has become one of the world's leading locations for blockchain companies and business models. to market

Swiss blockchain and crypto firms have warned of their impending demise with private investment drying up in recent months. A survey published in April by the Swiss Blockchain Federation showed. The team from ChainSecurity AG, a spin-off from ETH Zurich and former market leader for smart contract and blockchain audits, has joined PwC Switzerland. Thanks to the take over, PWC Switzerland becomes the global market provider in blockchain smart contract assurance. In cooperation with the globally active company, the Chainsecurity team can now focus on large, regulated companies Blockchain: How insurers are building up trust by breaking down barriers. Approximately 200 blockchain experts and enthusiasts from 16 countries were hosted at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue by Andreas Schertzinger, who leads Swiss Re's Reinsurance Technology Initiative, to discuss blockchain's potential for the insurance industry In this week's episode we get an insight into blockchain from the perspective of Swiss Re and hear about the lessons learnt from their projects. Our guest is Jags Rao, Blockchain Workstream Lead, Finance Reinsurance at Swiss Re. Having started out his career over 22 years ago as a software engineer working on a COBOL..

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According to a report by the international unit of Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, SWI, this legislation on DLT's and blockchain is likely to come into effect at the beginning of 2021. The milestone will open up doors for Swiss crypto-savvy investors to participate in the latest tech, including decentralized finance (DeFi); companies will also be able [ And now, Switzerland is taking things further: the Swiss Financial Director of Zug, Heinz Tännler, has commissioned the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) to form a task force dedicated specifically for assisting blockchain companies in opening up bank accounts, and give banks the support they need to accommodate these companies Bernegger is a Swiss entrepreneur, investor and one of '100 most successful people in Switzerland according to the leading German business magazine BILANZ. Marc shared his thoughts on the current state and the future of the blockchain market and his investing strategy Swiss Company Gets Green Light to Incorporate for a Blockchain IPO. In what's being called a first for Switzerland, a company has been allowed to incorporate for an initial public offering (IPO.

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SEBA Crypto, Bitcoin Suisse, Metaco and GuardTime are the four Swiss companies that made CB Insights' inaugural Blockchain 50, making Switzerland the secon Thus, innovators and companies jointly shape the technological future. Blockchain Nation Switzerland, powered by Innosuisse, is your opportunity to accelerate your blockchain innovation and to drive change in the Swiss tech landscape Blockchain companies categorized as VASPs (Virtual Asset Service Provider) under Swiss laws, include cryptocurrency exchanges, trading services, and wallet providers. FINMA reminds the public that all blockchain companies must follow the preexisting regulatory framework, including current KYC and AML laws Blockimmo, Elea Labs and Swiss Crypto Tokens have carried out the first real estate blockchain transaction of $3 million in Switzerland. March 6, 2019, | AtoZ Markets - Blockimmo Ltd, a Blockchain property transaction platform has successfully completed the first real estate transaction on a blockchain in Switzerland, along with two other companies

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Blockchain technology is rapidly growing among companies regardless of their industries, and Switzerland is among the first countries to adopt this advancement. The Swiss government constantly keeps searching for new ways of streamlining their payment ecosystem, and now the companies have an ample opportunity to leap with blockchain Swiss asset management company launched a digital EFT analogue with tokens instead of stocks. On February 10, 2021, Swiss company UGPay Group launched sales of security tokens WCRU, which are backed by assets in real economy sectors that are under management by the financial group. Every investor that buys WCRU becomes a co-owner of the global. The association aims to promote research and support innovative companies active in the blockchain technology Announced-as-Founding-Partner-of-Swiss-Ticino-Blockchain-Technologies. The Swiss Association of Crypto Investors, SACI, is a non-profit organization whose aim is to foster the growth of the blockchain ecosystem mainly but not exclusively in Switzerland. Our mission is to broaden the knowledge and experience of our members in the field of crypto investments and blockchain technology by encouraging the debate within.

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A remarkable ecosystem of innovative Fintech and Blockchain companies has developed in Switzerland in recent years, especially in the financial sector. Image Source Switzerland has in a very short time built a worldwide reputation as a Crypto.. Swiss Stock Exchange Leading Cryptocurrency Revolution. On July 6th, 2018, SIX, the owner and operator of the Swiss stock exchange, CryptoSlate is only an informational website that provides news about coins, blockchain companies, blockchain products and blockchain events

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Swiss consortium to spur blockchain-based innovation with a Gold Token. Zug, 04 March 2021 - SEBA Bank, a FINMA licenced Swiss Bank providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets, today announced that Argor-Heraeus, aXedras and SEBA Bank are joining forces to create a Gold Token Blockchain development companies come from every corner across the globe. India also has a number of such firms. Some blockchain development companies in India are HashCash Consultants, SoluLab, Cyber Infrastructure Inc. Inn4Science and OpenXcell. All these businesses are doing well in the field of blockchain The group's goal is to support research and companies in the blockchain sector and promote academic studies of the technology. Other founding members are Bitcoin.com, Copernicus Holdings, Eligma, Euronovate, Eventboost, Pangea Blockchain Fund, Poseidon Group, the Quadrans Foundation, StrongBlock.io, Superflat and the Swiss Blockchain Consortium About 80% of 203 firms surveyed by the Swiss Blockchain Federation recently warned of imminent bankruptcy. Only half of the 50 biggest companies in Crypto Valley expect to last a year in business A startup in Switzerland has already raised 100 million Swiss francs ($100 million) to put up a bank that would offer cryptocurrency-related products, news agency R reported.. SEBA Crypto AG also wants to offer more traditional banking services to cryptocurrency firms that many existing financial institutions are reluctant to serve due to know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money.

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The Swiss Blockchain Ecosystem. Feb 26, 2018. Our partners from BlockchainHub Zürich mapped out the Swiss blockchain ecosystem. This map only reflects companies and institutions who exclusively work on Blockchain or other Web3 solutions. If you are a Swiss startup offering exclusive blockchain related products or services and have not been. Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, a Swiss bank that has been in operation since 1868, has announced it will allow companies from this sector to open business accounts with them. The bank will not be giving away accounts to everyone, however, as they say they are employing a strict vetting process to each applicant

Swiss Fintech Ladies | Blockchain Academy Switzerland. SWISSFINTECHLADIES sees the 17 UN SDGs as an opportunity to network women. in research and practice and to increase the diversity in the workplace in finance, technology and fintech industries. SWISSFINTECHLADIES is committed to encouraging women Swiss firm brings blockchain to the biopharmaceutical cold chain. No matter how you measure it, the American pharmaceutical industry is gigantic: the $446B Americans spent on medicines in 2016 represented 45% of the global market; while Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Switzerland are major players, the United States.

Swiss Crypto Advisors SA is a boutique financial firm active in value creation opportunities around the blockchain asset class and in traditional asset management.. We strive to offer superior returns through business, legal and technology advisory services, an asset management division featuring a range of proprietary regulated products in the blockchain space, and selected private equity. The Swiss Financial Markets Supervision Service (FINMA) has issued blockchain firms with SEBA Crypto and Sygnum licenses for banking and securities transactions. This was reported on the website of the department. FINMA representatives emphasized that such licenses were first introduced to blockchain service providers. SEBA Crypto and Sygnum will now be able to work with institutional and. We are based in the so-called Crypto Valley and we support clients with all kinds of blockchain, crypto or FinTech projects from a Swiss regulatory, legal and tax perspective. In particular, we advise on: Structuring and strategy advice for FinTech companies/groups. Compliance of new business models with regulatory requirements Why The VeChain Foundation Met With China's Government 29 May 202 While over half of Blockchain companies are based in the canton of Zug, Crypto Valley extends to many other Swiss cantons: 42 are now in Geneva and 39 in Ticino. Switzerland's neighbouring microstate of Liechtenstein registers 38 crypto companies according to CV Maps

Blockchain technology presents a great opportunity to all Swiss companies needing to do this, as its distinctive characteristics - such as decentralisation, irreversibility and smart contracts - mean it provides considerable support to this transformation Heinz Tannler, the financial director of Zug contacted the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) to open bank accounts in order to provide suppor Swiss market regulator, FINMA, Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has approved the two banking licenses for companies within the blockch The financial watchdog in Switzerland issued banking licenses to two blockchain startups. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has anti-money laundering rules in place for financial services. As a result SEBA Crypto AG and Sygnum AG are allowed to offer services to institutional and professional customers Blockchain has proved to big to ignore as the world's largest companies are building their own platforms, establishing entirely new offices and exploring the technology behind bitcoin in a number.

PostFinance Joins Forces With CoCoNet for Corporate CashMt Pelerin Holds its First General Assembly on BlockchainDavos Showdown: Bitcoin vs Blockchain | Cointelegraph6 Reasons Why Swiss Fintechs Should Apply for the F10

Pangea Blockchain Fund will invest in companies using blockchain technology and not make direction investments in cryptocurrencies. The Fund's investment objective is investing in : (i) Industrial and Consumer Applications for Blockchain Technology; (ii) Value Chain Investments; (iii) Projects sourced through the Swiss Blockchain Ecosystem; and (iiii) Tactical Investments in overlooked or. The Swiss blockchain ecosystem, also known as the Crypto Valley, is home to a growing number of startups, service providers and other organizations. The Crypto Valley Map is a constantly updated database of these ecosystem contributors, provided for free The Swiss Blockchain Federation is a public-private partnership, combining agents from the blockchain sector, the fields of politics and economics, the scientific community, and the public sphere

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